Structural Glass Glazing

The term ‘structural glass’ is a wide-reaching product term used to describe a frameless glass assembly where the glass is taking an element of the structural load. This structural load the glass is designed to take will depend on the location and purpose of the glass element.

The beauty of structural glass is that there is no frame. As the glass used is thicker and stronger you do not need framing systems to help support the installation. Instead, the glass is fixed to the building structure using bespoke fixing details to suit the building makeup. These fixing elements are most often hidden channels and steel angles that hold and fix the glass into the building. The fixing elements can then be hidden by the building finishes creating a completely clear glass installation.

The wide selection on offer enables you to choose the style that is perfect for your home. Choose top or side openers, or incorporate both. Have you ever considered a bow window or a bay? Leaded or Georgian panes? The choice is almost limitless.

Our casement windows are fully bevelled for a slim visual profile and clean sight lines, looking great inside and outside your home. Integral gaskets and weatherseals ensure draught free comfort.

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