Spider Wall System

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are composed of two skins of aluminum and the non-combustible mineral high filled core. Aagamm Windows has been ranked up to class A2 which is one of highest fire-safety grades in accordance with European Norm(EN) standard. It can be used as the fireproof decoration material (medium and high grade) for interior wall, external wall and roof and widely applied in the indoor and outdoor decoration of urban complex, airport, subway station, high-speed rail station, mansion, large entertainment venue, gymnasium, hotel, office building, etc. After nano self-cleaning paint is added, it will have self-cleaning function.

It adopts galvanized steel as the surface material with strong surface strength. Therefore, it can be used as the best materials to replace stone materials such as marble and granite for plane decoration.

It has special material which can be treated with oxidation and generally used in the places with special requirements such as museum.

Aagamm Windows panels are composed of two skins of aluminum and the plastic core, which is suitable mainly for sign. Actually, it is widely used for canopy of petrol service stations, corporate parapet sign for retail shops and guide signs for public facilities. It is lightweight and rigid, and cheaper than the solid aluminum sheet of the equivalent rigidity.

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